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Traditional Indian cuisine Healthy and Delicious

Traditional Indian cuisine is famous around the world for its taste and enjoys an enviable reputation of being unique and healthy at the same time. With an aroma of its own that is second to none it has a great variety of colors, flavors and tastes. India is an ancient country known for its variety of spices. It is the lure of spices that brought the Dutch, the Portuguese, and the French to the Indian coast. For centuries Indians have used spices to enhance the unique aroma of their cuisine.

Indian food is as varied as its people, in every nook and corner of this huge country there is a distinct way of cooking. Indian food is not only about the taste and colors. All the traditional recipes originate from the basic idea that we need food to stay healthy and happy and that is why all the recipes have the correct mix of herbs and spices needed by human body. When made well with little imagination and authenticity the result is a colorful, fragrant and exotic fare that is not only exquisite and delicious but also one of the healthiest cuisines in world.

Traditional Indian cooking is not about spicing up the curry; it is the art of using the correct herbs and spices in a manner to bring out a latent flavor or sometimes to bury an unwanted flavor. Indian food when cooked in the right manner is simply delicious.

At Laat Saab we offer a richly varied traditional Indian cuisine of high quality ingredients and wholesome curries and never compromise on falvour and authenticity. We offer you diverse aromas and tastes from far and wide across India to create a menu impossible to resist